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James P. Greene and Associates, established in 1999, is one of Illinois’ premier tax and business law firms, concentrating in domestic and international tax matters concerning individuals, corporations, state, local, and federal governments. We design strategies for clients customized to fit current needs, and, long-term goals and objectives.

At James P. Greene & Associates, we protect individuals and corporations while resolving tax controversies quickly and efficiently. Whether it involves bank levies, employment taxes, innocent spouse relief, offers-in-compromise, payment plans, penalty abatement, litigation, unfiled tax returns, wage garnishment, or any tax controversy we can assist.

Tax agencies have many ways to collect taxes which can devastate not only you and your company, but also your family. The IRS has the power to garnish your hard-earned wages and social security, seize funds in bank accounts, or take property and sell it, sometimes without ever getting a court judgment. The IRS can even supersede state laws. Whatever the state or federal tax crisis you are facing, please call an experienced tax attorney to work on your problems and determine the best solution for you.

Many tax controversies have deadlines and time constraints (statute of limitations). A seasoned tax lawyer with vast experience and knowledge in tax law will save you time, money, and stress. The law firm of James P. Greene & Associates will see you through your tax problems and resolve them quickly, affordably and discretely.

We believe in the value of mediation, compromise, and other alternative means to resolve tax issues. A reasonable settlement eliminates the uncertainty of the outcome of a trial. It also minimizes the stress and emotionally draining experience of a trial. The law firm of James P. Greene & Associates will analyze the specific facts and circumstances of your case to determine which avenue will be the most cost effective.